about our practice

Is anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship, parenting or behavioral issues getting in the way? Let me help you. My main interest is to help individuals develop into their full potential, and help them overcome whatever obstacles that are presented in their lives. In 20 + years of professional experience I've worked with people of all ages: children, adolescents, adults and golden agers with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. 

I take pride in helping couples resolve their conflicts and make lasting improvements in their relationships; I’ve also helped many move from toxic environments to independence.
I love to help parents sharpen their parental skills to handle the difficult child. I’ve mentored hundreds of troubled children, teenagers, college students and their parents in their difficult times.
I've helped countless individuals and families afflicted by the effects of drugs and alcohol and the involvement of the Courts and Social Services by offering anger management and alcohol/substance abuse treatment. I also do immigration evaluations.
I combine traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with mindfulness and relaxation techniques. This practice has proven effects in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety and Anger Management.